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Passport Page Stories is a travel and lifestyle blog that follows the everyday adventures of our jovial little family.

Over the last few years, we have traveled to 18 beautiful countries (and counting!) as a couple and in recent months, with our son, the best travel companion ever! ).

The pages of our passports hold some of our most treasured memories and, through our travel stories and daily life experiences, we hope to inspire you to to travel a little more, smile a little more and make the most of this amazing journey called Life !

A Little More About Us

We hail from a lush green state in the southern tip of India, called Kerala or Gods Own Country. For the last decade or so, we have been residents of United Arab Emirates, living and working in Dubai, the new multicultural hub of the world.

Ours was totally an “arranged” marriage and we met just two weeks before the actual wedding! But we’ve got to say, there does exist a special charm in falling in love after marriage. We found love on our first International trip together to South East Asia in 2013, and our shared wanderlust has taken us to innumerable places near and far since then.. changing us from perfect strangers, to being perfect for each other!

Lil’ Jo

So as you have gathered, traveling is our passion!

Be it hopping on the local city bus to the next stop or boarding a flight to a faraway country, you can always count us in.

Our default search page shows Skyscanner set to anywhere-anytime-cheap-flight-alerts and our calendars have all the upcoming public holidays jotted down in red.

We enjoy meticulously planning the details for an upcoming trip, just as much as actually setting foot in an exotic new location.

Our travel itineraries usually run on the maximum-for-minimum motto, aiming to get the best possible experience with the least possible budget.

It is no easy task to coördinate the busy schedules of two working individuals and pool enough resources, despite the ever-increasing needs of a growing family.

Yet, once bitten by the “travel-bug“, you inadvertently turn into chronic travelholics and then, every penny saved goes into your travel fund, and every day of leave granted, gets added to your tour itinerary!

For us travel is all about discovering a new land, a new culture, a new set of friends, a new favorite dish, a new way of thinking and most important of all, a new part of ourselves!

As a couple, we thought there could not be a greater experience than exploring this beautiful world hand-in-hand. But since October 2016, we found out that there is something greater still… the experience of showing our son, this amazing planet we call Home!

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