Traveling with Kids

Why bother travelling with young children? They won’t remember anything!
Isn’t it too much work to travel with kids? Besides they won’t appreciate it!

We get these questions all the time!

Travelling is not only about giving our kids a memory or doing it when it’s convenient. It’s about giving them an experience. Because experiences are the building blocks that make us who we are, whether we remember them all or not.

The reality is, just like some days at home as a parent is tough, so are some days on the family holiday. Some days might just leave you feeling completely exhausted and drained whilst others will be so much more rewarding.

But what’s important is that these trips are creating memories that will last our child a lifetime! It is a perfect opportunity to enjoy some true quality time together, something that most families are in need of. Stepping away from the distractions of routine life and reminding yourself how special these kids of yours are..its something we all need to do.

From the Experts…

Don’t take our word for it. Here are some scientific facts that show how beneficial taking a family holiday can be:

Not enough people know that holidays can advance brain development in little kids. This is because on a family holiday you are exercising two genetically ingrained systems deep in the brain’s limbic area. This can all too easily be “unexercised” in the home. These are the PLAY system and the SEEKING system (Panksepp 2016).

The brain’s PLAY system is exercised every time you bury your child’s feet in the sand, tickle them on the pool lounge, or take them for a ride on your back. The brain’s SEEKING system is exercised each time you go exploring together: the forest, the beach, a hidden gem of a village.

So when you take your child on a holiday, you are supporting their explorative urge (SEEKING system) a vital resource for living life well, and their capacity to play (PLAY system). In adulthood, this translates into the ability to play with ideas, essential, for example, to the successful entrepreneur.


So if you are choosing between buying your kids a tablet or taking them on a family holiday, consider the profound effects on bonding and brain development. There is no competition!

At the end of the day, travelling with lil’ Jo gives us a space to just watch him.. watch how he learns, how he observes.. the passion visible in his eyes and the excitement that bursts across his face at discovering something new!

And we wouldn’t trade the World for it! 👪❤🌎


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